My Story

My name is Thuy, pronounced like “twee”, and I’m a proud self-taught photographer. As a child of immigrant parents, they always wanted me to follow the traditional path, College and immediately start working until retirement age. They came to this country and just wanted to see me succeed and full fill the American Dream. Their vision of the American Dream was working as a doctor or lawyer. Unfortunately, my mind was always somewhere else, day dreaming when I should have been studying. Although I followed a different path, their desire to see me work hard and show passion for something didn’t change.

As a child I’ve always loved arts and colors. It wasn’t until High School when I really discovered photography. Growing up in the emerging internet age proved to be spark that changed everything. I first started teaching myself web and graphics design. This lead me to photography and once the bug bit me, I couldn’t stop learning. As expected, I went to college and graduated with a Marketing Communications degree. I immediately entered the corporate world of advertising. I was really hoping it would be as interesting and inspiring as television/movies portrayed it. Sadly, it was not. I continued to run my photography business in conjunction with working a full-time corporate job. I one day realized that it wasn’t worth living for the weekends, the only time I was able to focus on my passion for photography. 

I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my dreams and concentrate on my photography business full-time. It was the best decision I could have made. Not only was I much happier, but this spread to every aspect of my business. I had more time to perfect my style, more time learn and approve my skills and more time to share my knowledge with other photographer.

I truly love what I do, it’s more than just a passion, it’s a way of life!