E+N Boston Engagement

I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most beautiful couple and I’m so excited to share photographs from our amazing engagement session! Essence and Nic came prepared and was ready to work it in front of the camera… which made my job very easy :)

We started in Beacon Hill, showcasing the couple’s sophisticated and romantic side.

2013-06-27_0001 2013-06-27_0002

Next location and a change of clothes later…

2013-06-27_0003 2013-06-27_0004

Essence, your engagement ring is beyond beautiful!



2013-06-27_0006 2013-06-27_0007 2013-06-27_0008

Essence and Nic are getting married in New Orleans this fall and it’s going to be amazing. I wish them a wonderful journey and to enjoy each moment together.