Maya: Class of 2014

I had a blast photographing Maya at a local park! Maya is a free spirit who loves to laugh. I may have slacked off senior year, but Maya didn’t. Her schedule was packed and it was actually difficult finding a day that worked for the both of us.  The day of the shoot started off gloomy and on the verge of raining. I was literally checking the whether every 30 minutes to make sure it doesn’t down pour during our session. Of course it started raining but luckily it cleared up. The sun came out and I couldn’t have been more trilled.

The park was a local place that was sentimental to Maya and we even ran into several of her class mates. When I arrived and waiting for Maya, I was reminiscing about my high school years. There were several games going on and it brought back fond memories of being at school and cheering my teams on. Although I haven’t been out of high school for that long, it still feels like it went by way too fast. One of the reasons I love shooting HS senior portraits so much is because I get to experience and soak in all of that youthful joy.

Maya and I had so much fun shooting together. The fall foliage was a great backdrop to capture Maya’s vibrant personality. I cracked lame jokes about school that made both of laugh. I sometimes sacrifice looking cool in order make people smile for the camera :)

I couldn’t have asked for a more fun photoshoot. Maya’s off to college next year to study environmental science and I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. I know she will go far and lift many spirits with her contagious smile.

Here are a few shots from our session today, enjoy!

2013-10-17_0008 2013-10-17_0007


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Ambika: Fun Beach Shoot

This summer went by too quickly. I remember getting excited for the warm summer days and before I knew it, I’m watching the leaves change color. Summer is an extrememly busy time for wedding photographers. Even though it’s gone, I’m proud of the work I produced over the months. One of my favorite shoot was with a young aspiring model Ambika and our stylist Valorie. We had a blast shooting together. Although it started raining, we made the most of the opportunity. The rain added that extra element and when combined with my flash, it created an interesting effect.

This shoot gave me the chance to play around with some new editing techniques. I hope you like these photographs as much as I do!




Evy Tea : Product Shoot

I had so much shooting with the creator of Evy Tea and her designer Kristen Mallia. Evy Tea is the first ever, premium cold brewed tea company. I typically don’t like tea (hot or cold), but this drink is amazing! It’s flavorful with a hint of natural sweetness. All three flavors are cold brewed to bring out the crisp natural taste without the need of any sugar. If you are around the Boston area, please go check them out at a local store near you. You can find a location here:

Aside from the amazing product, Evy was just named one of the “Top 25 under 25” by!! I had blast shooting Evy Tea and can’t stop spreading the name ever chance I get :)

Check out some of the images from our session: