J&K – Larz Anderson Park Engagement Shoot

Wow, what a beautiful day (minus the cold temperatures) it turned out to be! Autumn is probably my favorite season to photograph engagement sessions. The New England fall foliage is just beautiful and you can’t ask for a better backdrop for any occasion. For Jonathan and Kerry’s engagement session, it was already late in the season so I was prepared for a lack luster of colors. Lucky for us, everything appeared to be close to full bloom.

When we first started the session, seriously the minute I started clicking away, we were hit with a mini hail storm! Although it was freezing and getting hit by small ice particles wasn’t ideal, Jonathan and Kerry were so poised and carried on as if nothing was happening. We pushed through and finished at the first location. Walking back up the hill, I was getting nervous because dark clouds were rolling in and were about to cover the minimal amount of sun that was trying to peak through. Luckily for us, our next spot within Larz Anderson Park was a little ways up. By the time we got back up top, the clouds disappeared and the sun was shining even brighter. The mini hail storm seemed like a dream at that point because the sky was just beyond beautiful. We were also able to capture some beautiful photographs with an amazing sunset.

I want to thank my couple for such an amazing shoot. I appreciate your hard work, fun and spirited personalities and your endless love for each other! I had so much fun and cannot wait until the wedding next year!

Here are a few of my favorite photographs, enjoy!

2013-12-06_0001 2013-12-06_0002 2013-12-06_0003 2013-12-06_0004 2013-12-06_0005 2013-12-06_0006 2013-12-06_0007 2013-12-06_0008