K&W: Newburyport Engagement Session

K.Lee and W.C. are the best couple and we had so much fun together! They currently live and are getting married in lovely Newburyport Mass so we thought, why not have the engagement session there as well. The location is so beautiful, full of charm and sweet little details. I can’t wait to go back for their wedding later this month!

We first had to start at the Maritime Museum, the location of their upcoming wedding. Then we moved on to a flea shop/antique store. We had a blast goofing around with all the items they had lying around and finally focused enough to take a few photographs! K.Lee and W.C. had such a wonderful sense of humor, evident by all of the fun photos. If those two locations weren’t enough, there was still more the little city had to offer. I love how there’s water nearby which will make for some beautiful wedding photos, I can already picture them!

Here are their engagement photos, I can’t wait for the wedding this month!!

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