C&V: Newport RI Engagement

God, I love this couple! There are so many things I can say about these two, but basically, they are just the most loving and fun couple to work with. It’s rare to connect with clients immediately, but we did! It’s such a pleasure working with clients who truly understand the importance of photography.

For their engagement session, we headed to Newport RI because they love the lavish Mansions and beaches. Although we were ready for Newport, Newport wasn’t ready for us. We started at the the Rosecliff Mansion and of course, of course they were doing renovations! Although we were bummed, that was life and we quickly brushed it off and decided to take photos behind the Rosecliff. It worked out perfectly because the ivy and ocean views were spectacular.

Next we headed to The Breakers Mansion, and of course, with our luck that day, they decided to close the grounds early. What was going on?! Again, no fear, we decided to just take photos in front with the beautiful and ornate gates instead. Since we planned on shooting at the Mansions for much longer, we had plenty of time to kill before sunset. What were we going to do with all this extra time?? We headed down to the docks and begged boat owners to allow us to take photographs on their yachts! It couldn’t have worked out any better. We still had plenty of time left until sunset so we headed to 22 Bowen’s for a glass of wine. This was actually the restaurant where they had their first date, so of course we had to take some photos here!

Finally, after some wine we headed to 40 Steps along the Cliff Walk for some breath taking beach photos. This was my first time here and it won’t be the last. The views were just amazing!

C&V’s engagement photos speaks for themselves, we couldn’t have planned for a more perfect engagement session!



Eloise Turns 1

It is such an honor to be part of a family’s journey. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of John and Jackie’s adventures as they started their little family. I can’t believe little miss Eloise is already one years old! I remember when her parents were anxiously waiting for a little bundle of joy to join their family. Miss Eloise is one of the most fun loving little girls I’ve ever met. She’s always so happy and full of life. I’m looking forward to all the other little milestones to come!