Today, on my birthday, I’m reminiscing about my trip to North India last year. My significant other Neal and I worked hard all year capturing unbelievable weddings and we always try to take one big trip a year. Last year, we agreed that we HAD to go to India. We have many Indian friends, and we absolutely love the culture, it was about time. To be honest, we planned this vacation pretty last minute. Throughout the year, we kept talking about going, but never took any action. We were all talk and no show. It wasn’t until one of our friends mentioned that she was heading to India to shop for her wedding. This was a great opportunity for us to kind of tag along and have someone familiar with the country with us. A couple of weeks before the actually trip, we finally booked out tickets. This seems to be a trend for us, booking our trips very last minute.

We didn’t end up going to India with our friend like we initial planned to, but it still worked out. She helped us every step of the way. December was the end of wedding season for us, but we still had a lot of editing left, so we didn’t really have time to plan our trip. Thank goodness for Make My Trip, they made the whole process very simple and easy. We just knew we wanted to go to India, but other than that, we had no idea where to start. This was our first trip, so we figured a private tour would be the easiest way to see the country. If you are planning a first time trip to India, and want to see all of the touristy locations/spots I would highly recommend booking a private tour. It includes a driver, English speaking and certified tour guide, tickets to all of the attractions, and lodging at some of the most beautiful hotels for a very affordable price.

We live outside of Boston so we flew from Boston, layover in Seoul and then finally to New Delhi. The flight was a breeze and we were excited to start exploring! But first, we had to get cash. Because India is currently having some cash issues, getting rid of older notes and replacing them with new ones, exchanging money back in the States was impossible. We fly into New Delhi with absolutely no cash to spend, and none of the ATMs at the airport worked/were out of cash. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow type of person, so I just shrugged it off and tried to use credit cards as much as possible. In fact, the country and encouraging the use of credit cards so it was very simple for us. Our hotel was nice enough to exchange some money for us, but for the most part we used our credit cards. From the Metro station to Ubers and most restaurants, it was very easy. So if you’re worried about the cash issue in India right now, don’t be!

For the first four days, we were on our own in New Delhi since our private tour hasn’t officially started yet. This was a great opportunity for us to explore without limitations. We started each day with a simple plan and agreed to see where the journey led us. New Delhi was amazing, the sights and sounds were incredible. We weren’t nervous or concerned with the crowds or loud noises… or even the terrible air quality. We wanted to make the most of our experiences and we completely immersed outselves in the New Delhi lifestyle. We took every transportation mode possible, from the brand new and amazing Metro to rickshaws and everything in between. While in Delhi we visited many tourist attractions such as the Red Fort, The India Gate, and Humayum’s Tomb. All were great sights, but our favorite was exploring Old Delhi. We loved getting lost down narrow alleys, and watching locals work hard. I love, regardless of what their jobs were, everyone took such great pride in their work. It was an amazing site to see. Here are some photos from our time in New Delhi: