Amelia Island, Here I Come!

So my best friend’s getting married in less than three weeks and I can hardly contain myself. Although I work as a photographer and have seen many weddings, something about this wedding feels so brand new to me. I haven’t been in a wedding since I was a child, and my first real experience is as a maid of honor. I’m so grateful, but I’m also freaking out at the same time. I love my dear friend very much, but I don’t know what it takes to be a maid of honor. Luckily the 17 month engagement gave me plenty of time to prepare… to bad I didn’t take advantage of it and now it’s crunch time! I can’t get myself to start writing my speech so instead I’m writing about how excited/nervous I am. Attending and shooting weddings did not prepare me for the real thing. I can only imagine when it’s my turn!

Planning a wedding and documenting a wedding is completely different (at least in my opinion). I’m a visual person (duh, I’m a photographer), so I plan my shoots in a different way than I would if I were to plan for any event. All I know is, I have great visions for my best friend’s wedding… now I just need to execute it.

At least I know how to capture every step of this journey. Here’s my dress and shoes for the day!

I’ll gladly take any advice on being maid of honor!