Beacon Hill Spring Portrait Session

A couple of weeks ago, I had an awesome portrait session with an old co-worker. It was great catching up and hearing stories about life at an advertising agency. That used to be my life, all the chaos and craziness. I loved the people there and was had so much fun but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t me. The job kept me busy and I was losing my passion for photography. I refused to see that spark die and because of that I had a decision to quit and pursue photography full-time. Although the journey has been difficult and often times unpredictable and less steady, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I love what I do and I was so happy to use my skills and passion to photograph my beautiful friend Lina.

Spring just rolled around the corner and I was beyond excited to shoot outside without the need of gloves. It was a beautiful spring day in the city, and I wish the shoot didn’t have to end. Lina was an awesome model, she was so natural in front of the camera. She needed new portraits for an upcoming speech at her Alma mater and I needed an opportunity to start off spring with a bang. It was a perfectly timed shoot :)

Hers’s a shot of us together at the end of the shoot, was a blast!



Now here are the photographs from our session. Enjoy!

2014-04-09_0001 2014-04-09_0002 2014-04-09_0003 2014-04-09_0004 2014-04-09_0005 2014-04-09_0006 2014-04-09_0007