T&N Engagement Shoot – Wellesley College

I had an amazing photoshoot back in October for a loving and beautiful couple. It was actually a surprised proposal. Every detail was planned out and on the big day, everything went smoothly. For a photographer, shooting a surprised proposal can always be nerve wreaking. You always have to be alert, yet be out of sight. At Wellesley College, there’s a tradition that if you walk around the lake with the same person three times, that means you are destined to marry that person. T&N walked around the lake once together when they were first dating. On the proposal date, the walked around the lake again for the second time. They will take their final and third walk right before the wedding.

I left my house early to ensure I was at the college early, just in case the walk went by quicker than anticipated. While on the road, it started drizzling and the sky was pretty dark already. I was getting nervous… are we still on for the shoot, are they still walking around the lake, will the rain ruin the day… all these questions in my head. I couldn’t exactly text them to confirm, didn’t want to give away the surprise. I had to just wing it and hope everything was still on track. It was exactly 4:30PM and I saw them approaching the courtyard after the walk around the lake. Earlier in the month, the soon to be groom and I planned everything out, from where they were entering to where he was going to propose. I quietly moved up the stairs to the courtyard, crouching to make sure I wasn’t seen. Before I knew it, the big moment finally happened! Although I was far away with my large zoom lens, I can feel the love and excitement radiating from their location.  It was such a magical moment, and I was honored to be chosen to capture it.

Aside from the beautiful and heartfelt proposal, what took this special day over the edge was the fact that all their friends and family were watching from a near by building. I can see them cheering and crying from the windows. I couldn’t have asked for a more warm and loving group of people to share this day with the newly engaged couple. I had a blast getting to know the family and taking part in their joyous day!

Of course, we couldn’t end the day just yet! It was time to get changed and get ready for the engagement session. When I said all of the details were planned out, I wasn’t kidding. The soon to be groom bought his lovely fiance a beautiful dress for the occasion. I’m secretly wishing I can find a guy this great and our proposal will this perfect!

Although we lost a lot of light by the time we started shooting the engagement session, we made it work! As a photographer you always have to be prepared to take beautiful photos under whatever condition. Thank goodness the Wellesley College campus provided us with amazing backdrops. Here are a few of my favorites from the special day!

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