Sara & Rick’s Surprise Engagement/Proposal

I am so happy my two closest friends are getting married next year!!

Weeks before the engagement, Rick reached out to ask for my help in capturing the proposal and of course I wanted to be there. The proposal took place at Jose’s in Cambridge where Sara and Rick spent their first Valentine’s Day. While hiding out for the right moment, the management and staff were so kind to make this moment special and to make sure I wasn’t seen. As soon as Rick got down on one knee, I popped out from around the corner to capture the unforgettable moment. Sara was so full of joy and surprise that she didn’t even realize I was there, clicking away. I was literally a foot away from them and she still didn’t notice. It wasn’t until Rick pointed me out that she was left with even more joy and excitement. The look on her face was priceless and I was so beyond happy for them!

After a celebratory margarita we had more more stop to make. Sara’s parents lived right down the road and Rick had arranged for all of their friends and family to surprise Sara one more time! What an amazing night, everything went as planned!

I can’t wait to celebrate with them next year!

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